Music and Maths in Pre-school


music 2

The children demonstrated a particular interest in sound as they curiously tapped, banged and shook a variety of objects in the Pre-school.

To support the children’s investigations, jars containing different capacities of water were positioned along with tap sticks and spoons for the children to experiment and explore sound in a different context.

Each child had their own ideas as to how they were going to use the jars.
‘Stop, go’ repeated Sebastian as he tapped against the jars before providing his own rendition of Baa Baa Black Sheep.

As she observed the water level in each jar, Lily and Tom used language to introduce mathematical concepts:
“This jar has got more in,” said Lily referring to the amount of water.
“I am doing it fast,” said Tom as he repeatedly banged against the jars.

Taking our investigations a step further, metal and plastic materials were introduced to see how the sound differed.
“It’s loud,” said Louie as he tapped the metal pots.

We eventually put the tap sticks and spoons to one side before using our hands to create a quieter effect. In the outdoor environment, we investigated the sound of natural materials. Ben used a wooden spoken to bang against the musical shakers under the house.

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