‘The Gruffalo’ activities

the gruffalo trough nf

Lilys wellies nfOn arrival at nursery, Lewis shared ‘The Gruffalo’ story (by Julia Donaldson and Alex Scheffler) with Jayne whilst Lily was only too happy to show off her ‘Gruffalo’ wellies to her peers. In response to both children’s current interest in the Gruffalo, a trough was created that reflected elements of the story.

Lewis C gruffalo nf

Both natural and man-made objects were used as props to support the children’s play. Many of the children including Alexander, Lewis B, Lewis C, Louie and Olivia were engrossed in the chosen activity and played imaginatively for some time. Due to the children’s familiarity of the story, lots of language was used by the children and questions asked.

“Gruffalo crumble,” repeated Alex continuously.

“Where does the owl live?” asked Louie. “Can we go to that page?” he continued.
“In his treetop house, he’s a wise owl and they come out at night” replied Jayne.
“When it’s sunshine, the birds come out and sing” responded Louie.

“The leaves have fallen off the tree” said Louie as he continued to play.
“Why have they fallen off the trees?” asked Jayne.
“Because it’s nearly winter because there was snow on my grass this morning. When it’s winter, it gets darker” explained Louie.

Olivia spent time exploring the texture of the natural objects including conkers, leaves and pine cones.

“What does the pine cone feel like to you?” asked Jayne.
“Spiky. And what about the conker?” asked Olivia.
“It feels like play dough” continued Olivia.
“Why does it feel like play dough?” asked Jayne.
“Because it is soft,” replied Olivia.

Lewis played with woodland puppets; squirrel, mouse and owl.
“The squirrel is eating the nuts,” explained Lewis as he put a conker to the puppet’s mouth.

“Where does the snake live?” asked Lewis.
Jayne and Lewis looked at the book to find out.
“In a log pile,” said Jayne.
Jayne and Lewis built ‘a log pile’ house with the corks.

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