Some thoughts on outdoor play

jwnfI believe one of our key strengths at Townhouse is our approach to outdoor play. On the whole, there can be no better place to ignite children’s natural curiosity and enthusiasm for learning than outdoors.

I’m sure everyone can remember as a child spend long days outdoors and how exciting and exhilarating the experience felt to us. The world changes rapidly, however the needs of young children remain pretty much the same; children learn through play in safe, interesting and stimulating environments.

Everything that happens indoors can happen outdoors on a much grander scale

At Townhouse we are able to offer our children the choice between spending their time indoors, outdoors and of course dividing their time between the two areas. We truly embrace the ‘free flow’ play ethos between indoors and outdoors in all weathers. There is no bad weather, only the wrong clothing.

Good quality outdoor provision is as important as indoors. Well planned and resourced, it encompasses and provides opportunity for all areas of learning and development. We work hard to make sure that we have a continuous provision in terms of space to run and climb, access sand and water, enjoy opportunities to grow plants and interact with nature, and of course endless opportunities for physical challenge and development.

My own belief is that children learn best when they are secure and happy, and most children are happiest outdoors in their natural environment doing what comes naturally – playing.

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