Nativity Play

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As adults working in pre-school during the festive season we are privileged to take time out from the rushing around and Christmas preparations to truly appreciate the wonder of childhood.

nativity 4nfDuring preparations for our nativity play we practiced well-loved songs like ‘Away in a Manger’. I have had the honour of working in early year’s education for 34 years and I never fail to be moved by tiny children singing their version of this carol .

At the other end of the scale we are always amused by the words and actions of ‘Santa Got Stuck up the Chimney.’

We believe that a nativity play should be something the children have fun rehearsing and are relaxed and happy to do. This was certainly the case in pre-school this year, we practiced the songs a couple of weeks before and on the day we let all the children choose their costume, nobody got stage fright and it was a very relaxed and happy production.
One parent said it was “the most beautiful thing she I have ever seen!”

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