A wee bit of fun!

To celebrate the birth of Robert Burns, the famous Scottish poet, pre-school have been busy with all things Scottish!

We began the day by listening to the bagpipes, Aidan, Ben, Alex and Louie responded to this as they skipped and jumped.“We’re playing the bagpipes” Aidan said.

The children then painted their own interpretations of the Scottish flag which was placed in the centre of the table for their inspiration.


Some of the children chose to observe a clip on youtube of the Scottish Battalion playing their bagpipes. Here are a few of the children’s comments:
“It’s like the grand old duke of York! Said Ben
“Are they soldiers?” asked Luke. E
“Yes, they are, they are the Scottish Battalion.” Replied Melissa
“I like their songs and their dancing!” said Alex
We later listened to one of Robert Burns’s most famous songs, ‘Auld Lang Syne’.
While we were busy in Pre-School, our wonderful chef Teresa was very busy in the kitchen cooking a traditional Scottish dish – Haggis, Neeps and Tatties! To end our day we had a wee treat of Scottish shortbread! Delicious!


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