Kung Hei Fat Choi

Throughout the week we have talked about and explored the Chinese culture this is in celebration of the Chinese new year – ‘Kung Hei Fat Choi.’
We enhanced our role play area with Chinese bowls, spoons and of course chopsticks!

The children made their own ‘Ang Pow’ – a red envelope which contains money as a gift. Red is a lucky colour for Chinese people. We used red card and folded it to form an envelope and popped a penny inside. We then sealed it as we carefully used the stapler. The children looked at Chinese symbols then made marks to represent as they decorated their envelope.


cny1The children used chops sticks to pick up noodles in play.
“It’s a bit tricky, I just swirl it on my fork,” said Olivia.

Some children listened to Chinese music; we spoke about how we could not understand what he was saying because it was in a different language.
“I don’t think he’s singing Bob Builder,” said Harrison

At our ‘snack and chat’, Dereth bought in some beautiful China Dolls for the children to observe.
“Their eyes are oval” observed Luke.

The children created their own Chinese lanterns. Decorating their lanterns they cut the paper, chose their colour of their handles which were then stapled together for the children to show their mummies and daddies.
We encouraged hand eye coordination as the children used chop sticks to manipulate picking up pom poms of different size to sort.
As always our wonderful chef Teresa had been busy in the kitchen cooking delicious noodles, won tons, spring rolls and prawn toast which the children enjoyed trying!

It is important to enrich the children’s  knowledge and understanding of different cultures though fun and exciting activities so they can learn to value and respect the diverse society that we live in.


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