Being Healthy – A visit from the Dentist


Dental hygiene is important throughout life so it is important to emphasise this with children from a young age in a fun and engaging way. To support the children’s awareness of dental hygiene, we invited Sebastian’s Mummy, Joanna, into Pre-School who is a Dentist to talk about looking after our teeth to make them strong and healthy.

She began by explaining to the children that our teeth need to be cleaned each morning and night so that are strong and healthy and to kill of the germs. Joanna showed the children how to fight the germs away, “Pow Pow”!

We were all given our own special tooth brush and Joanna role-modelled the sounds we needed to make so that we could brush our teeth effectively. The children enthusiastically followed her as she made “aahhh” and “eeee” sounds. We then applied some special toothpaste onto each brush to help to kill all of the germs and the children brushed away.

As keeping our teeth strong and healthy not only relies on brushing our teeth but also thinking about what we eat, Joanna prepared a fun game for the children to discuss what kind of food was good or bad for our teeth. Each child was given a piece of food and we chatted away about whether it was good or bad.

Everyone took their own toothbrush and toothpaste home with them to show their Mummies and Daddies how brilliantly they can brush their teeth.
Written by Melissa Melville

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