Starting School

sch1June is a very exciting time for many of our children as they begin their transition to school.  The children all enjoy telling Sarah, Dereth and Melissa about where they will be going, what their teacher’s names are and which of their friends will be going with them.
At Townhouse we view such transitions as extremely important and as a setting we organise many activities to help the children feel secure during the period of change.
“The effectiveness and quality of transitions largely depends on communication and collaboration between all people involved in the process.”  Margetts 2004
Sarah has been in touch with all of the schools that our children will be attending, both in and out of the area, inviting the teachers to come and visit.  We use this time for them to observe the children at play in an environment that is familiar to them.  Your child’s key person discusses their learning journey, your child’s likes and dislikes and aspects of play, development and their personality. The children also have their photos taken with the teacher for our displays.
We also take a walk or drive with the children to see their new school. We have talks about what the schools will be like and the children have their photos taken outside the school. These are put on display at the drinks table as a talking point for practitioners and children and also between the children and their parents.
In our role play area we have school uniforms for the children to dress up in. We also set up school transition bags and other school related items, with books and pictures of the school for you to share with your child and talk about before retuning them back to nursery for the next child.  These have started to go out to families now and are coming back with lots of beautiful pictures and writing in about how the children feel about their next big adventure to school.

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