OFSTED – our 2nd Outstanding Report!

Outstanding_Colour_low resWe are delighted to announce that we have just been awarded ‘Outstanding’ from OFSTED at our Lawton Road setting. The full report can be viewed by clicking the logo on the right.

Here’s some of our favourite paragraphs from the report:

The nursery is filled with frequent fun and laughter throughout the day.

Children thrive and are exceptionally happy, confident and motivated to learn in this vibrant, inclusive and high-quality nursery. The stimulating environment is planned exceptionally well to optimise learning opportunities for children and promote their wellbeing.

In this highly inclusive nursery everyone is made to feel welcome. Children and their families have excellent relationships with all staff. Staff give a high priority to helping children form secure emotional attachments. This fosters a sense of belonging and ensures that children are happy, settled and secure. Children’s moves between their home and the nursery are exceptionally well supported.

Children are eager, enthusiastic and quickly become engaged in the superb range of activities on offer in the indoor and outdoor environments, which effectively extend and support children’s learning in all areas.

Staff are exceptionally positive role models. They provide lots of praise and encouragement for children’s successes, which greatly boosts children’s self-esteem and confidence. The nurturing environment promotes children’s personal, social and emotional development extremely well.

Teaching is outstanding. Children are supported by a highly skilled and motivated staff team who have high expectations of each child. All staff have superb skills and knowledge of the learning and development requirements and a first-rate understanding of how children learn. Consequently, children flourish and make excellent progress in their learning and development.

The children enjoy a wealth of experiences and activities. They learn about their local community through several visits to places of interest. The children also visit places outside the local area, such as parks and forests. These exciting experiences strongly support children’s understanding of the world around them.

An exceptional commitment to parental involvement at all levels means parents are involved in every aspect of the nursery’s work. This results in very high levels of consistency and continuity of care between the child’s home and nursery and contributes to the very high standards it provides. Parents have a very high degree of trust in the nursery and are exceedingly complimentary about the quality of the care and the educational provision. Parents particularly appreciate the nurturing environment in which their children are cared for and wholeheartedly confirm that the nursery is a unique and special place for their child. In particular, they comment on the ‘excellent rapport’ that staff have with children and the ‘loving care’ they provide.

The leadership and management of the nursery are outstanding and truly worthy of dissemination to other providers. Leaders harness the passion and enthusiasm of staff to ensure that all aspects of provision are of an exemplary standard. Leaders have an outstanding knowledge of the learning and development requirements and how superb-quality teaching promotes children’s progress. As a result, they support staff in the provision of an extensive range of stimulating, challenging and dynamic activities and play experiences for all children.

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