Early Language Development Programme (with video)

In July 2014 Sophie Andrews and I completed our training to become lead practitioners who are able to support other settings and professionals to recognise and support early language development in children aged 0-3 years. In February 2014 we received an unannounced inspection from Ofsted where the setting gained an outstanding grading across all areas.  It was also a time for reflection and celebration of the ways in which use the assessments we make of our children to support their unique development and reduce the number of children at risk from delay

One of the main focuses for the setting was and still is to support children in the area of communication and language. Our practitioners use many strategies to support not just children’s language but also their listening and attention skills, all crucial skills necessary to support children and promote language development. Representatives from the local authority have been to our nursery, to see outstanding practice and also to see some of the strategies used by practitioners from the setting to support children’s communication and language development.

Julie Lightley, the nursery owner, and I were invited by Cheshire East consultant, Pauline Austin, to display some of the effective practice shared between the staff and our children across the setting. Our focus was to share how we use Toddler Talk and Babbling Babies activities as well as Chatterboxes to support communication and language.

We felt that by recording our staff and their interactions with the children that it would be easier to see why the strategies we employ really do support our children and support their individual development.

What you can see below is the wonderful video of our outstanding practitioners sharing special moments with the children.


Written by Emma Jones

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