Tour of Britain

As a nursery we are part of our local community and embrace the opportunities that it provides for our children, supporting them to gain an awareness of the world around them, to understand occupations and to gain a sense of belonging. We embrace every opportunity to be involved in community events and todays event was very special.

The Tour of Britain bike race was passing through Alsager and we had been invited to join in the celebrations.

The children were very excited as they prepared for their walk into Alsager. Alison came down with a bag of goodies handing every child a Tour of Britain flag and boom bangers to wave as the cyclists pass the nursery.


The community had planned lots of entertainment and we were on the list to perform an adaptation of our favourite story ‘We’re Going on a Bike Ride.’ The children performed it with the staff in front of the crowd of spectators at the end of the story everyone gave the children an almighty cheer and applause. Afterwards the Mayoress and Town Crier came over to say a big thank you.


The children then spotted all of the orange bikes located on the green, we went to take a closer look with the children choosing the teddy bear bike as their favourite.


As we were exploring we had an invitation to meet a gold medal winning cyclist. The children gave her a high five and asked her about her bike to see if it was orange like all of the other bikes!


We walked to Lawton Road Nursery, where we waited very patiently for the race to arrive in Alsager. The children saw lots of police cars and cars with bikes on the roof that created lots of conversation. Then with a great cheer the cyclists rode past the nursery with all of the children waving their flags and banging their boom bangers together. As the cyclists passed making their way into the centre of Alsager the noise of a community cheer filled the air.

A memorable day enjoyed by all!

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