Out & About in the Community

As a nursery we are part of our local community and embrace the opportunities that it provides for our children, supporting them to gain an awareness of the world around them, to understand occupations and to gain a sense of belonging. We embrace every opportunity to be involved in community events.


The children have visited our new Fire Station in Alsager. We planned this visit to extend the children’s experiences after they had visited the station during a community open day.


As we arrived at the station the children were greeted by the fire crew who took them into the station. The children sat in the meeting room with the fire crew with confidence; they were able to introduce themselves and then listened carefully to the talk about fire safety to keep everyone safe. The children then watched a short interactive presentation, featuring the one and only Fireman Sam! The children learned the stop, drop and role dance and all had a go at doing it with Fireman Sam. Talulah said “it is like doing a roly poly!”


It was then time for us to go outside and explore the station, the children were given the opportunity to sit inside the Fire Engine and the fireman put on the siren and everyone cheered. one of the firemen drove the engine out onto the yard and pulled out the hose for everyone to have a turn at squirting the water. After a busy morning it was time to say a big thank you and goodbye.

We have recently taken part in the Alsager Tour of Britain event. Take a look at our newsfeed here!

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