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I have been busy with my team of cooks planning fabulous winter menus. A big thank you to our parents who have shared their family recipes, some of which feature on our new menus. Lots of recipe ideas have been created with Wendy hosting a tasting session for our families to vote for their favourite breakfast dish.


I shared my home made bacon and cheese muffins and homemade granola with yoghurt and berry compote. Parents and children tucked into both tempting options and placed their vote. After a busy morning the votes were given in and counted. The winner was my homemade granola, yoghurt and berry compote. I will shortly be running taster sessions for her lunch and tea ideas.


Planning our menus takes time and precision as we ensure each recipe meets the Eat Better Do Better guidelines which helps us to provide the children with nutritious and balanced meals. We will be launching our Autumn/Winter menu in November and will make it available on our website.


It is important for us to provide opportunities to children to discover the world around them, gaining an understanding of how food is grown and where it is sourced from. Along with Rebecca, we organised a trip to Arbour Farm, our local farm shop that supplies us with all of our fruit, vegetables and milk at nursery.

The children were very excited to be going in the mini bus to the farm, on arrival they were met by Sue who runs the farm. The children were very eager to explore, they came across cows, sheep and chickens. They spent time feeding the chickens with Sue who discussed how the chickens lay lots of eggs for us to use at breakfast time.


Sue showed them the apple trees and the children spotted lots of apples growing on them. Sue even helped the children to pick some apples to take back to nursery to make a crumble. They children saw the polytunnels where the fruit and vegetable grows. They observed how the carrots and potatoes grow under the soil and the courgettes grow on top. After this, it was time to visit the farm shop where the children picked lots of vegetables to buy. They asked to make vegetable soup at nursery. We then went back to nursery where they could explore their vegetables, recall and discuss their experiences at the farm and take part in cooking vegetable soup.

National Children’s Food Festival


We took part in the National Children’s Food Festival in September. This event inspired our team to engage with our children about food and nutrition through stories. We focused on the Little Red Hen, Handa’s Surprise, The Enormous Turnip and The Hungry Caterpillar. The babies made their own bread. This activity encouraged opportunities for the children to develop their gross and fine motor skills, as they used their hands to knead and manipulate the dough.


Toddlers enjoyed digging in the tuff tray to find some enormous turnips. As they did this we told the story of The Enormous Turnip and encouraged the children to act out the key parts of the story. This supported the children to work as a team as they made a line ready to pull the turnip up. Pre-school explored fruit as they read the story Handa’s Surpise.


Melissa provided them with the opportunity to explore the fruit using their senses, prepare it for snack and then taste it. The children thoroughly enjoyed fruit tasting giving them all a thumbs up!

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