Changes to our garden at Audley Road

‘Exciting investigations of the outside environment can lead to valuable learning taking place.’
Drake 2009


Over the summer we have been working hard to update our outdoor area with more challenging and enriching areas, including a mud kitchen, baby terrace, and a growing and nature area. All of which provide opportunities for our children to engage in learning through outdoor and natural play.

The mud kitchen has been busy and popular with the children as they explore the variety of resources creating concoctions like mud and water transformed into coffee with sugar or chocolate cake. As the children engage in conversation they are also developing their personal, social and emotional skills, forming friendships through play whilst developing their vocabulary.

The children have loved planting potatoes in the growing area. They have taken on roles in their play as they have watered the vegetables and plants to make sure they grow ready for the children to harvest. Wendy our chef enhanced this experience by helping the children to make a potato salad.


The children have been exploring herbs too– this has allowed them to making discoveries about the world around them. Whilst engaged in conversation, they have asked questions such as “What can I smell?” and our practitioners are able to extend the children’s knowledge and language through discussion.


We have created a baby garden too with lots of space to explore. We have enhanced the area with a sandpit, herb garden and mud kitchen. Babies have the opportunity to develop their large motor skills as they play with the footballs or engage in messy play. They have enjoyed watering the garden and making new discoveries through taste and touch. The baby garden has provided more opportunities for them to see siblings throughout the day too as everyone plays outside together.

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