Farm to Fork with Tesco

I am very passionate about food and providing opportunities for our children to engage with food. Tesco provided us the opportunity for our children to visit the store and take part in the “Farm to Fork Store Trail”. The experience provided an opportunity for us to visit Tesco and see all the different areas of the Kidsgrove store and talk about the food that we saw.



We travelled to Kidsgrove on the train and during the journey met the ticket inspector and the children gave him some money to pay for our tickets, supporting knowledge of different occupations within the community. The children made observations about what they could see in the environment as they looked out of the window. Jacob was eager to spot the cows in the field whilst Lauren was talking about the colours of the leaves.

20161110_095406Hayley and Sue greeted us at the door when we arrived. They were our guides for the morning. We went to the meeting room where we made ourselves comfy ready to begin the tour. We were given high vis jackets to wear to make sure we were safe throughout our tour.

We started our Food to Fork experience by exploring dough, using our muscles to knead it into different shapes. Daisy made a star whilst Cooper created a fabulous gingerbread man. Sue and Hayley took our bread to the bakery to give to Kelvin the baker to prove.



It was then time to go out onto the shop floor with our first stop being the fish counter where we met the fishmonger. The children looked closely at all of the fish that were displayed on ice. The fish monger explained that the yellow fish are smoked, giving us a fish to smell. Sammy said, “I like fish pie at home.”



The children learned all about the fish being caught by the fisherman out at sea on a boat. Sue picked up a whole mackerel to show us and talked about its fins and told us that mackerel come into the store whole and she prepares them for the customers. She then showed us a piece of mackerel cut up.

Sue lifted the head of the fish up to show us that it had a black tongue. Jacob was fascinated by this and was intrigued to investigate the colour of his own tongue to see if it was black too. Jacob shared with the fishmonger that his favourite fish was the flat fish he could see on the ice and the fishmonger explained that the flat fish like to hide on the sea bed in disguise. Daisy told the fishmonger that she liked prawns, and she showed her some fresh prawns and asked “Do you have these at home?” Daisy smiled and nodded her head.

A customer came to the fish counter to buy salmon. The fishmonger prepared and wrapped it up asking Jacob to give it to the lady to put in her trolley. The lady explained that she was going to make a fish curry and that it would taste a lot better now that Jacob had served her fish to her.


Sue and Hayley took us into the bakery where we had to wear special hats so our hair didn’t go into the bread. We met Kelvin the baker who showed us the flour and we smelt the yeast that makes the bread grow, the children were not so sure about the smell of it.


Kelvin then showed them how the dough stretches, then put it into the bread machine and explained how this kneads the dough. We watched the bread come out of the mixing machine in the shape of a loaf. Kelvin talked about the size of the loaf and how it gets bigger once it has been baked. He then went over to the trolley where the children’s bread was sat and the children saw how big it had grown. There was brown bread freshly baked the children all had the opportunity to smell the fresh bread and Kelvin talked about being safe around the oven.

The children then met Betty, who had the very important role in wrapping the bread up ready to go on the shelves in the store. She explained that she had to be up very early in the morning to prepare all of the bread ready for everyone to buy. We thanked Kalvin and Betty for showing us around their bakery.


We then went back to the meeting room with Hayley and Sue where we sat down for a little rest before making fruit kebabs using the fruit from the fresh platters set out on the table. They children made choices to which fruit they put on their sticks and talked about how they eat lots of fruit at nursery. Afterward we then tasted lots of lovely freshly baked bread and cheeses that filled us up ready for the journey back to nursery.

We thanked Hayley, Sue and all of the amazing staff who made this fantastic experience for us. As we were catching the train home the staff made special arrangements for Hayley to deliver our bread back to nursery for us to take home. When we arrived back at nursery we were greeted with our lovely fresh bread and a special goodie bag each filled with posters, fresh fruit and a certificate. We were also given fruit platters to share with our friends at nursery.

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