Forming intergenerational links within the community

A recent program ‘Old people’s home for 4-year olds’ has sparked discussion within our Lawton Road Pre-school team about how we could implement something very similar within our local community and support our nursery values of recognising and valuing each other as unique and equal.

Sarah recently got in touch with New Milton House our local residential home in Alsager. Having had a lovely conversation with the manager at New Milton House, we arranged to visit once a week.

Taking four children with two practitioners we sang songs, played games and took part in a variety of activities to form these wonderful social experiences. The children and residents took part in the activities together and it was lovely to see the level of engagement between the different generations, as the children also listened to the experiences that the older generations share. One lady even told us stories about working in a nursery in London.

The confidence in the children is lovely to watch and this opportunity provides the children with the experience of becoming aware of the needs and experiences of others as well as providing a sense of belonging.

“The concept of “non-familial integrational interactions” is centred around the seemingly simple idea that old and young can bring new energy, knowledge and enthusiasm to each others’ lives”. 2010-2017, The Conversation Trust (UK) Limited

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