Autumn Walk

“Families are their children’s first teachers and they have a powerful effect on their young children’s development. Family engagement during the first years of life can support a pre-school child’s readiness for school and ongoing academic and lifelong success. Research shows that when children have involved parents, the results are very positive, especially over the long term.” (A New Wave of Evidence, 2002)

Pre-school children at Lawton Road have been celebrating the end of the NDNA kindness month with a lovely crisp autumn walk. Wrapped up warm we headed off along the local salt line where the children and their families collected leaves, sticks and other natural resources into their bags. At the end of the walk we all sat and enjoyed a lovely story about going on a leaf hunt.

Once the walk was completed the children went home with their families and created some wonderful transient art images which were then shared onto their online learning journal for us to see and for the children to share with their friends too. This sparked lots of exciting conversations as the children recalled their experiences of the day.

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