Joining the Townhouse team

Alison joined the Townhouse team in February as a baby room practitioner. It was clear through our thorough recruitment and induction process that Alison’s passion was working with babies. Her interactions with the children were gentle and responsive, with her confidently tuning into children’s individual needs.

All our staff team at Townhouse undergo a comprehensive induction process. Woven throughout this is how we share our nursery vision and values and what we do to support everyone to become part of an energetic and thriving team.

Here, Alison shares her story about joining the Townhouse Team:
I chose to return to work as a childcare practitioner because my passion is caring and nurturing children in my care to reach their full potential. I was drawn to this position due to my past experience working within these nurseries and I know it is an outstanding family led group.

The induction process right from the start at my working interview provided me with opportunity to gain a wonderful insight into the routine of a well led and managed baby room. I observed outstanding practice and the team showed true passion and dedication for their children and families. Teamwork is something I care about a lot and I could see that the team had support from a senior and supervisor who are long serving experienced practitioners who see teamwork as essential to the smooth running of the baby room.

The Nursery Manager Alison, has guided and supported me through every step of my journey so far. She has spent time with me helping me feel part of the team and to become familiar with policies and procedures for the nursery. This is something that is vital to have a secure knowledge of and the management team led a training session that introduced changes to existing policies and introduced new ones as well as refreshing the important ones already in place. Being given time to read and digest information in the comfort of the staff workspace and through the staff app, I felt my knowledge and understanding was more in-depth and meaningful. Alison and Rebecca helped ensure the information is embedded by giving quizzes to complete this and then providing opportunity for professional discussion and being able to ask any questions.

As a new staff member, I went through a process of “peer observations”. I found this experience exceptionally useful and important to my development. Alison gave me positive feedback discussing my strengths and on areas of development that will help me develop further. Having my experience turned into a display to share my learning with visitors, staff and parents gave me a real sense of belonging and pride, something I can see as a nursery we aim to do quickly with parents and children so it is lovely to see this prioritised with the staff team too. Having a mentor assigned to me on my first day has supported me to become part of what I see as a family where everyone supports each other. There is never a silly question and I feel confident to ask anything knowing someone will support me to find the answer through professional discussion, reading, research or easy to access training.

Townhouse as a company is a wonderful place to work and has re-awakened my love and passion for early years. There is a friendly welcoming atmosphere daily and children are very happy here. The well-being of the team is always evident, demonstrated with simple things such as a friendly greeting and check on everyone’s wellbeing, to food provided for breakfast, lunch and snacks as well as fantastic and fun team building events that allow time for staff to socialise. I am thoroughly looking forward to the journey ahead at Townhouse I know that I have opportunity to grow within a passionate, caring and dedicated nursery.

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