Capturing the Awe and Wonder in every opportunity to extend children’s learning – our garden project

It’s an exciting time at Townhouse with our new garden project underway. Daily life here for the children is full of capitating learning opportunities and this week has been no exception. Our teams strive to promote maximum learning experiences at every opportunity, ensuring learning captures and covers the breadth of the curriculum. The staff have tuned into the children’s interest to plan an interesting range of themed learning opportunities as the garden work continues.

During my morning floor walk, a group of pre-school children were concentrating intently on what was happening in the garden and as I approached they were excited to tell me what was happening. Douglas said, “It’s a digger Emma!” and Jago quickly followed “It’s very big.” The children were dressed in their high visibility vests with their hard hats on, with felt tips and clip boards in hand, drawing the garden works as they watched it all going on.

In the afternoon, Jade enhanced the builder’s tray with sand, bricks, drainpipes and diggers. The children eagerly came over dressed in their high vis vests and again equipped with their hard hats. As they explored the area alongside their friends, they re-visited the morning’s experiences in the garden. This enabled all the children through role play to discuss the new garden and share their thoughts.

Children were asked what they would like to see in the garden. Douglas responded, “a cement mixer” and the children shared lots of ideas such as lots of space to run, a house and some sand. As this session was coming to an end there was a special surprise for pre-school as we planned for them to go into the garden and explore!

We all engaged in rich learning experiences as the children talked with the workmen and sit in the digger! Enabling them to experience first-hand what they had been observing daily behind the gate. This experience helped the children to gain an understanding of people and communities beyond their own experiences and certainly provided lots of awe and wonder as they climbed on the digger and explored safely with the adults close by.

In the entrance hall we have created a display of our new garden which celebrates the children’s experience, interest and voice as well as listening to and acknowledging what enhancements they and parents, would like to see in the garden.

To continue experiencing the local community and world around them, we will be focusing on occupations over the coming month across both our Toddler 2 and pre-school rooms, maximising further the learning opportunities for our Townhouse children.

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