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About Us

Townhouse Nurseries are part of our group of six nurseries, all sharing the same vision, educational ethos and approach to working with children and families.

outstanding_colourOur strong belief is that we can best meet the needs of parents, children and our team by listening to what they have to say about nursery. You will find many opportunities to tell us what you think and how we can improve right from the start. From the settling in process all the way through to the day your child leaves us, confident, happy and extremely well prepared to start school.

We promote and encourage an ethos of working closely with and building meaningful relationships with families. Recognising that all children are different and that they come to our nursery with unique experiences of family, friends and their world, we are then able to build upon this to support each child to make friends and be happy at nursery.

Parents are key in how we care for and work with your child. From the settling in process as a baby and at each stage of transition through nursery life to toddlers and pre-school, children who see warm and authentic interactions between a parent and the adult caring for them at nursery, soon learn that that adult can be trusted and can be relied upon for a cuddle, comfort or a play.

All the team at nursery work closely together to ensure that the care and wellbeing of the children are kept at the centre of everything we do. The whole team appreciate and understand how significant the early years are in helping children to see themselves as capable and confident individuals. We are committed to ensuring the physical and emotional environment and the interactions with children and families at Townhouse all reflect and support this.

Emma Jones, Operations Director

Early Years Teacher, Post Graduate Certificate of Education, MA Education (Early Years)

Working closely with Rebecca Moore, we ensure that our dedicated Nursery Managers have everything they need to deliver first class childcare in a beautiful learning environment with an outstanding team of practitioners. My teaching and leadership experience along with my BA Hons in Primary Education with QTS which means I can provide mentoring and guidance to support our teams to continue to meet all the requirements of their roles.

Rebecca Moore

Regional Operations Manager

I have worked with the Village Nursery Group since 1997 where I began my journey as a nursery apprentice, throughout this time I have continued to study and develop my skills with a particular focus on leadership. This has supported me to reach my current role of Regional Operations Manager.

I love all aspects of my role, but my huge passion is the coaching and mentoring of the team working towards growing our future leaders. As part of my role, I enjoy spending time within the rooms to observe and experience what it is really like for children within our nurseries.

Alison Fisher, Nursery Manager (Audley Road)

Foundation Degree in Early Childhood Studies

I have worked at Townhouse since 2003 and find my role hugely rewarding. I work closely with the team to provide the very best experiences for our children and build strong relationships with families. We provide a homely environment at Audley Road, in this beautiful, and highly unique, listed building, adapted for our little ones to enjoy and explore, with the most wonderful team around them.

Emma Mainwairing, Nursery Manager (Lawton Road)

Level 5 in Early Years Practice

I began my Townhouse career as Supervisor and quickly progressed to Assistant Manager. I was then promoted to Nursery Manager at our sister nursery, Astbury Lane in Congleton, where we were proud to achieve an Outstanding grade on our first Ofsted inspection. I then returned to Townhouse as Manager and have loved leading the team in this wonderful nursery. I am extremely passionate about how important the early years are in a child’s life, building the foundations for their future life and learning. Working with these children is a genuinely fulfilling experience I am proud to be part of. I work hard to build important bonds with our families and love sharing joyful interactions with the children.

Janet Williamson, Quality and Relationship Manager

Level 4, NNEB

I have been at Townhouse since 1990 and remain as passionate about childcare as the day I started my career over 30 years ago!
I am in the fortunate position of working alongside our group of six nurseries and highly skilled and experienced Nursery Managers. Together we share best practice and focus on constantly raising the quality of care, teaching and learning. The foundation of our success is relationships and I also provide support to the team in all aspects of building secure relationships with parents, staff and the local community.

Nicola McLaren Stonier, Joint Assistant Manager and Baby Room Support (Audley Road)

Level 3 in Early Years Care and Education

I have had the pleasure of working at townhouse since 2000, with many years’ experience across the age ranges, but particularly supporting our youngest children. I work closely with Alison and Andrea in the leading the team and running the nursery. I am also the Communication Lead, supporting our team to focus on children learning language and being confident communicators.

Andrea Stockton, Joint Assistant Manager (Audley Road)

BA (Hons) Primary Education with QTS

I joined Townhouse in 2021 and feel like I’ve embarked on an exciting new path in my early years career. I firmly believe early years are the most significant time in an individual’s life and that early childhood experiences are vital to shaping the people we will become. I am committed to providing high quality early education at Townhouse and believe this is fundamental to developing and instilling a lifelong love of learning.

Sophie Windsor, Early Years Teacher (Lawton Road)

BA(Hons) in Early Childhood Studies and Early Years Teacher Qualified

My role is to support Emma and the team to provide outstanding care, teaching and play to our children. I love to plan activities that support children’s development. I enjoy listening and being engaged in children’s conversations, finding out what they love and bringing this into their play to support learning. I find my role very rewarding as I spend time mentoring and coaching the team.

Sam Barber, Baby Room Supervisor and 3rd in Charge (Audley Road)

Level 3 in Early Years Care and Education

I have worked at Townhouse since 2006. Working with babies and toddlers during this time I have developed my knowledge with this age group allowing me to support the babies and their families with lots of developmentally appropriate and inspiring learning and play ideas. Days are never the same in a baby room - I thoroughly enjoy coming in and planning lots of activities that support each baby to develop through warm interactions and play.

Karen Johnson, Baby Room Supervisor (Lawton Road)

NVQ Level 3 Childcare Learning and Development

I became part of this fantastic team in 2017 as baby room supervisor and have now worked in early years for over 15 years. I am very committed and passionate about working with babies to provide care and “professional love” through warm, genuine interactions and cuddles. I find my role extremely rewarding as our babies grow and develop learning lots of new skills through play and exploration. The most important part of my role is building parent trust and partnerships, and this takes places in lots of ways to ensure we work together to give their baby the best start in life.

Deana Frost, Toddler Room Supervisor (Audley Road)

Level 3 Diploma in Childcare and Education

I joined Townhouse as an apprentice in 2012 and developed through to Toddler Supervisor. There are always exciting play experiences and opportunities to support our children’s interests in toddler room. I love supporting our families through the toddler years with so many developmental milestones and watching individual personalities grow.

Angela Baynes, Toddler 2 Room Supervisor and 3rd in Charge (Lawton Road)

Level 3 in Children’s Learning, Care and Development

I have worked at Townhouse since 1991. I enjoy working with our fabulous Toddlers as no day is the same when these little curious minds want to learn and explore the world around them. I work closely as part of the management team to ensure we provide the best for our children across the nursery. I enjoy building positive partnerships with parents and supporting them as their toddlers grow and develop, supporting them in their home learning with lots of activities based around children’s interests.

Jenny Thomas, Pre-school Supervisor (Audley Road)

NVQ Level 4 in Children’s Learning, Care and Development

I transferred from our sister nursery, Astbury Lane, to became part of the team at Townhouse in March 2020. I thoroughly enjoy my role as Pre-school supervisor, leading the team and supporting our children’s learning and development. We provide lots of high-quality teaching that supports children’s interests and promotes all areas of learning, ensuring our children are very well prepared for starting Reception.

Courteney Rowlands, Pre-school Supervisor and Assistant Manager (Lawton Road)

Level 3 in Children’s Learning, Care and Development

I became part of the Townhouse team in 2018, originally working at our sister nursery in Congleton. I have enjoyed progressing within our nurseries and taking on new challenges and experiences. I am very passionate about providing rich learning experiences through play and believe that parent partnerships are hugely important. My goal is to support our children to eventually leave for school as confident, capable, and happy learners, ready for the next stage in their education.

Wendy Pulizzi, Nutrition and Meals Co-ordinator (Audley Road)

Food is my passion! I work with our team of cooks across our nurseries to ensure our children have the best food and nutrition. I develop seasonal menus using the Eat Better Do Better guidelines for 0-5years. We share knowledge and skills that allow us develop within our roles. A day at nursery is always exciting as it is not just about cooking, we provide enriching learning experiences that supports our children’s knowledge of where food comes from and help build their confidence through food experiences. I am very proud to have achieved the National Nursery World Food Award too!