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Baby Room

Our focus in this room is to provide a calm and warm emotional environment for babies where they feel loved, cared for and happy to play and explore.

Both baby rooms care for children in small groups, allowing relationships to build and strengthen and babies to feel confident they will always have a trusted and known adult (their key person) to take care of them.

With secure relationships in place and knowing each child individually, we can respond to your babies’ needs capably and sensitively. Our baby room team ensure all aspects of care such as nappy changing, bottle feeding, weaning and nap times are well understood for individual children. They ensure the provision of lots of exploratory and sensory play opportunities are planned to support your child’s individual stage of development.

Our Baby Room teams are led by Katie (at Lawton Road) and Sam (at Audley Road). Both have many years’ experience working with babies and whether they are drawing on their experience as a parent or a practitioner, they both value and understand the trust placed in them to care for and support the development of your baby.

Our experienced team work closely with the local health visitors and other professionals to make sure you have all the most up to date guidance and support for everything relating to your baby. Wether it’s breastfeeding or baby-led weaning, we keep on top of it all and make sure you have access to the best information and advice.

The world is all new to babies and in their first year, they are making amazing discoveries about the world around them. At Townhouse, we understand that an interested, involved and loving adult is the best toy ever invented for babies! Thoughtfulness, sensitivity, respect and understanding are the key characteristics of our baby room team.